When you visit Cardiff, you may expect to get only English or Welsh food there. But the truth is that people of different cultures live in Cardiff, and as a result, you will find Chinese, Indian, Thai, and even Mexican restaurants other than the English or Welsh restaurants.

If you are craving some Chinese food during your visit to Cardiff, then here are some great Chinese restaurants that you can try.

Summer Palace

It is one of the longest-running restaurants in Cardiff, being in operation for more than 30 years. People love this restaurant for its aromatic crispy duck and deep-fried prawns. The chef here modifies the ancient recipes to give them a modern flavour.

The best part of this restaurant is that if you don’t find your favourite Chinese food on the menu, then you can request a customized dish.

Happy Gathering

This Chinese restaurant has been operating in Cardiff since 1992. They are experts in serving traditional Chinese cuisine. Apart from the regular meals here, you will get vegan and gluten-free options too. So, if you are a vegetarian or have special diet requirements, then this restaurant will be the right choice.

They cater for private parties too. You should try out their crispy taro dumplings, which are quite popular. The atmosphere is friendly, so you will enjoy your meal.

Riverside Cantonese Restaurant

It is a Cantonese restaurant where you will get meals prepared by a Hong Kong-trained chef. This restaurant is popular among the Chinese community and the tourists as well. Here you will get an extensive menu of authentic and classic Chinese dishes.

You will find a good selection of vegetable dishes here. Sesame Prawn Toast, Prawn Crackers, and Mussels with Black Bean are some of their specialities.

Bo Zan

It is a family-run restaurant that is well-known for providing the best value for money. You will get fresh and delicious food here. The service is outstanding, and you will enjoy dining here if you are looking for something affordable.

Hot Pot Spot

This is an authentic Asian restaurant. Here, the diners can choose fresh and local vegetables and meat to include in their meal. The customers can even cook their food here.

King Wok

If you like Asian food, then you must visit this restaurant. They have an extensive menu, and you can easily pick your favourite food from there. The staffs are professional and helpful.

These restaurants have very good ratings for their quality of food and great service. So, if you visit Cardiff, you must try out some of these restaurants.

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