The Plan Cafe Attains Proudly Welsh Accreditation

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The Plan Cafe Attains Proudly Welsh Accreditation

What does it mean to be part of the Proudly Welsh organisation?

High Quality Product

The product or service must be of a proven high quality.


Fair Labour Practise

The company must comply with labour legislation and adhere to fair labour practices


Environmental Standards
The company must be environmentally responsible and adhere to production processes that are environmentally friendly and acceptable.

Based on voluntary association, Proudly WELSH clearly is much more than a marketing campaign, it is an internationally recognised competitiveness driver; an impetus for economic growth, employment creation, social change and greater overall prosperity.

A drive we feel we simply cannot afford to not be apart of.

We would encourage business and people to remember to look for the Proudly WELSH logo when you make purchase decisions, or, apply to become a member.

Either way, supporting Proudly WELSH or being part of the Proudly WELSH community promises to be truly rewarding and a vision we are proud to be a part of.

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