Speciality Coffee

Coffee is something we specialise and take very seriously at The Plan.

We use fantastic, in-season beans, freshly roasted by top UK artisan craft-roasters, James’ Gourmet Coffee, which are ethically traded, and fully traceable to the individual farms and cooperatives that grow them.

We brew these coffees in our range of espresso-based drinks, French Press (Cafetieres), and our house filter coffee.

Our friendly team of skilled Baristas work with careful techniques to make the very best coffee they can for you, every time.

We steam milk with care to create a ‘microfoam’ texture that is silky smooth, creamy, and naturally sweet. We then combine this smoothly textured milk with our espresso to make our range of espresso based drinks. You can find these on our full coffee menu.

Our most experienced Baristas will ‘freepour’ beautiful latte art patterns. Our target temperature to ensure we optimise flavour, texture, and sweetness is 60-65C. If you like it extra hot (or cooler) – just ask!

Our lead Baristas calibrate our espresso grinder throughout each and every day to consistently get the best from the fantastic beans we use. James’ Gourmet Coffee beans are available to buy in the Café as beans to take away for brewing at home (or as gifts for coffee lovers!).

Our Head Barista and Trainer, Trevor, has been working with speciality coffee since 2004. He has been a Finalist in the UK Barista Championships, and is completely obsessed with the craft!

He has developed everything that we do with coffee since 2007, and consistently maintains these quality standards.

All our Baristas are extensively trained by Trevor personally, before they start serving our coffee.

If you want to know more about our coffee just ask our Baristas!